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Get user analytics to help grow your business, increase conversions, and make more revenue.

We provide simple tools and analytics to grow your online business. Learn how your users interact with your website, and let us help you craft the perfect user experience.

We track everything from where users come from, what language they speak, and how long they were active to every last movement of their mouse. We store that data securely in the cloud and provide a seamless interface for you to playback recorded sessions. Try UserSurge for free today!

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Watch recordings of your visitors to see what catches their attention and what should be fixed.

We believe the best way to test the success of a new landing page is to actually test it with real target users. Our platform will record the actions of visitors on your site, and save them for you to watch later at any time. There's no better way to see how visitors actually respond, than to actually watch exactly how they respond.
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